About Us

Why We Do, What We Do

At APD we believe in two core principles: software should drive business value and good software is not for large companies alone.

We know that you're focused on running your business, not building software. So we work hard to keep our process lean and delivery times short. We also know that software should make your life easier, not harder. So the systems we build are robust, easy to use, and require a minimum of maintenance.

Our Philosophy

Creating software is where worlds intersect ... or collide. Putting process bound engineers, innovation driven marketing staff, and results oriented business owners in the same room cause some sparks to fly! It takes an experienced team to get the best outcome for all of these parties.

APD follows an Agile methodology and you get all of the good things that come with it (full transparency, automated builds, and regular releases), but we don't stop there. We know that every customer is unique and we mold our process to fit you. Want more upfront planning? No problem. Daily, weekly, or monthly releases. Sure thing!