Architecture Application Design and Technology Selection

The First Step is a Doozy!

Technology selection can make or break a business. Choose correctly and it's all smooth sailing. Choose poorly and you can find yourself with a slow development team, a hiring nightmare, and massive yearly licensing costs to boot.

APD can sort through the morass of technology alphabet soup and narrow your choices down to a few clear alternatives. We'll work with you to make sure that your development stack reflects your industry's standards while ensuring that you can hire "A class" developers and produce a product quickly.

Our Services

Technology Selection
Looking to create a large-scale Sass application? Or maybe a back office mobile app. The requirements for each are very different, but the outcome is the same: choose poorly and you'll have a massive headache.

We'll interview your stakeholders to determine specific needs and flag constraints. Once we have a clear picture of your company and your application, we'll document a set of "full stack" technology alternatives that fit your organization.
System Application Design (SAD)
Technology selection isn't enough? We can create a full set of architectural and system design documentation for your development staff. They'll have an application blueprint and you'll have piece of mind knowing that they're headed in the right direction.