Business Intelligence "Knowledge is Power"

Better Knowledge = Higher Profits

These days we all seem like the ancient mariner sailing on a sea of data. And we're experiencing the same problem:

"Water, water, every where,: Nor any drop to drink."

How do you weed out mis-leading information? What data is worth collecting and analyzing? And what is truly actionable?

Our Services

3Degrees will work with you to create a custom business intelligence system. We'll make sure that the right people see the right data at the right time.

UX Design
BI applications capture a lot of data and present it in a very concise fashion. Bad design can lead to serious headaches. We'll work with you to create a full html mock-up of the application in just a few days. You'll quickly see how things will work and what needs to change.
There are a lot of technology decisions to be made when developing a new BI application. We have the experience to help you make informed choices that will save you money now and in the future.
Application Design
Using your chosen technology set, we'll give you a full set of blue prints for your new application. Database design, use case, class diagrams, and data security. It's all covered.
"Full Stack" Development
Once the planning is done, we'll dive right in and develop the whole thing. We have experience across the full application stack, so there's no need to hire specialist development teams.
Deployment and Training
When you're satisfied, we'll roll it all out and even write your training and support manuals for you!
Support, Upgrades, and New Features
We offer 2nd level support for all of applications and we're happy to create new features when you need them.