Software Consulting Process, Training, and Tooling

Better Development = Lower Costs

You have your own development team, but projects are moving slowly and client deliverables are being being missed. Maybe the deadlines are being hit, but your system's quality leaves something to be desired.

You know that better performance from your development team equals savings for your company, but where do you start? Is it the technology, the team, or the time lines? How can you tell?

Our Services

Technical Architecture
Looking to create a large-scale Sass application? Or maybe a back office mobile app. The requirements for each are very different, but the outcome is the same: choose your technology poorly and you'll have a massive headache.

We'll interview your stakeholders to determine specific needs and flag constraints. Once we have a clear picture of your company and your application, we'll document a set of "full stack" technology alternatives that fit your organization.
System Application Design (SAD)
Technology selection isn't enough? We can create a full set of architectural and system design documentation for your development staff. They'll have an application blueprint and you'll have piece of mind knowing that they're headed in the right direction.
SDLC Review
3Degrees can work with you to tame the system development lifecycle (SDLC). We'll interview your stakeholders to determine deficiencies and document a course of action that will get your team back on track.
Agile Training and Implementation
We've implemented Agile methodologies for groups of 5 to 35. Locally situated or spread across 4 countries and 14 timezones, we've pretty much seen it all. 3Degrees can create an Agile process that works for your company: SCRUM, XP, TDD, or a hybrid. We believe in a simple adage: "if it works, use it".
Sometimes it's the tools, not the process. We can identify gaps in your tooling and deploy solutions tailored to your team, including:

  • Task assignment and ticketing
  • Build Management
  • Continuous Integration
  • Code Review Tools and Process
  • Unit Testing Frameworks
  • Automated Testing