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Your Business On Their Phone

The mobile application market is valued at over $10 Billion and is growing at 100% per year 1. With that many applications in use, it's almost guaranteed that your customers have started using mobile for work. In fact, they've probably started telling you what everyone is hearing these days:

"I'd definitely buy that if I could use it on my tablet or phone"

APD can work with you to develop a responsive web or Android application from scratch, or we can step in any point in the process and lend a hand to your existing team. We have the experience to design and develop robust mobile applications that will delight your customers.

Our Services

UX Design
Most applications start with a "back of the napkin" sketch. We take your doodle and work with you to create a full html mock-up of the application in just a few days. You'll quickly see how the application will work and what needs to change.
Application Design
We'll give you a full set of blue prints for your new application. Database design, use case, class diagrams, and security. It's all covered.
"Full Stack" Development
Once the planning is done, we'll dive right and develop the whole thing. We have experience across the full application stack, so there's no need to hire specialist development teams.
When you're satisfied, we'll work with you to get your app deployed or published on Google's Play Store.
Support, Upgrades, and New Features
We offer 3rd level support for all of applications and we're happy to create new features when you need them.